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  • Finding Communications Firms Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

    Finding the top communications firms and professionals just got a whole lot easier with CommunicationsMatch’s unique matching search engine. Watch the introductory video here.  Search is free, as is Listing for qualified firms. In seconds, identify leading agencies and professionals with industry and communications expertise that match your needs. Refine a search by location, company size, clients, diverse and women-ownership. Search our database for leading communications firms with the skill-sets required to build and protect brands in areas including:

    Public Relations 

    From the largest firms to mid-sized, boutiques and consultants the top global and international firms are listed.

    Crisis Communications

    The world’s leading crisis communications consultancies and experts.

    Government Affairs

    Find leading government affairs and relations firms that work with Washington and municipalities.

    Content Marketing

    Top specialist content marketing agencies, designers of infographics and resources for writers.

    Email Marketing

    Leading firms with email marketing expertise, consulting, content generation and technology platforms.

    Investor Relations

    Top investor relations firms, consultants and PR agencies with IR expertise.


    Search the top SEO companies, consultants and PR agencies with SEO expertise.

    Internal Communications

    Leading agencies and consultants specialized in internal communications, change management and executive communications.


    Find Top analytics firms, benchmarking and media measurement providers.

    Video & Photography

    Leading video content production companies, satellite media tour companies and corporate photographers.

    Website/Mobile Developers

    Trusted website and mobile application developers and resources.

    Communications Services Providers

    Find top communications services providers in areas including training, human resources, marketing and recruiting.

  • A Better Way to Search

    CommunicationsMatch is a better way to search for PR and communications firms. Its more efficient than Google, LinkedIn and PR existing lists. Type in Financial PR into Google and you will get 131 million results. A search on CommunicationsMatch will get you from 4,600 carefully selected firms and professionals to a short list that match your needs. CommunicationsMatch puts you in the drivers’ seat. You Search for the firms you want to engage with or want to respond to your project RFP. Ask the firms you want for proposals, so you don’t have to spend time going through project bids from around the world.

    We make a process that would otherwise be random and time-consuming, efficient and comprehensive. It saves you time, so you spend less on finding resources and more on putting them to work to achieve your business goals.

    Create your SEARCH PROFILE now and use our tools to engage with the firms that match your needs. You choose who you want to work with. It’s that simple. If you want us to do this for you, ask us about our PREMIUM SEARCH services.

    If you are a qualified communications services provider and not currently on CommunicationsMatch, LIST your firm at no cost today. 

    If you already work with a firm, Recommend a listed agency or consultant today.

  • How to Use CommunicationsMatch

    CommunicationsMatch was designed around a simple search process. You can do a Quick Search if you know a company or individual’s name or want to search using key words. Using our multi-dimensional search, type in search criteria in the industry, communications expertise, location and size categories or use all of them to refine your search.

    Industry Sector Experience

    Search for Communications firms with expertise in more than 180 industry sectors and sub-sectors to find the right firm for your business. Top communications search categories include:

    Consumer PR and Communications Resources

    Consumer products, consumer electronics, B2C and software.

    Financial Services PR and Communications Resources

    We have both retail and institutional categories that include banks, M&A investment banks, life insurance and retirement.

    Health Care PR & Communications Resources

    Under Health care we include Health Tech, Hospitals, Alternative, and Physicians.

    Industry PR & Communications Resources

    Under Industry we have construction, defense, engineering, manufacturing and paper & plastics.

    Professional Services PR & Communications Resources

    Accounting, consulting and legal.

    Technology PR and Communications Resources

    Software, hardware, Fin Tech, semiconductors and startups.


    Communications Expertise

    There are more than 70 specific areas of communications expertise listed on CommunicationsMatch to refine your search by specific skillsets you may need. These include analytics, content, digital advertising, email marketing, media relations and training, SEO, speech writing, video and website development. CommunicationsMatch gives listed companies the ability to detail the range of capabilities in which they have expertise and, as a result, searchers may select multiple categories of expertise in a search.


    We have listed firms in more than a dozen major markets around the world. Search for a PR firm by country, city, zip code or within a certain distance of a specific location.

    Company Size

    Search for an agency or consultant by company size. Categories include: large (100+ employees), medium (20-100), boutique (2-20) and individual consultants.

    Other Search Categories

    CommunicationsMatch has been designed to help companies search for agencies by clients, as well as ownership. Using our tools companies can select firms by diverse ownership as well as for those that are women-owned.


  • Creating a Short List

    A search for firms with Financial Services expertise may well produce a lot of results. Even searches for companies with expertise in Agriculture, Children & Toys, Fashion or Automobiles may result in tens if not hundreds of results. The key is to search using multiple criterial, industry sector experience, communications expertise, location and size to develop a short list of the 10 or 20 tops firms that match your search criteria. Detailed company profiles provide the information needed to decide which firms you want to reach out to for more information. Each profile has links to the agency’s or communicator’s website for more information and contact details.

  • CommunicationsMatch Insights Blog

    Hiring an agency or consultant is a big decision, so we developed our Insights Blog as a resource to help companies make hiring decisions and as source of industry best practices. The Insights Blog includes articles from both CommunicationsMatch and listed companies.

  • Our Agency & Consultant Value Proposition

    CommunicationsMatch is a powerful tool for communications agencies and consutants.  Creating a profile on the site ensures that you will be found when the thousands users on the site search for firms that match their needs.  We also offer a range of promotional opportunities through our partner CommPRO with an audience of 130,000+ communications decision-makers.  Read our one page value proposition.