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Despite new research questioning whether practice makes perfect for violinists, Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000-hour rule is as relevant as ever for the PR, marketing, and communications industry. Being an expert takes work and time. Driven by the behavioral science concept of "scarcity", many are tempted to claim expertise, rather than invest in achieving it. For agencies, consultancies, and freelancers, the 10,000-hour rule is a reminder of the effort required to master skills in a changing landscape. For client-organizations, evaluating the claims of expertise is the key to ensuring that when the curtain is drawn back the emperor is wearing clothes.
by Simon Erskine Locke, Founder & CEO, CommunicationsMatch
Researchscape's new ResearchStory™ artificial intelligence-powered survey tool helps companies evaluate quantitative and qualitative survey responses, and provide results reports in hours. With this new product, CommunicationsMatch™'s research partner continues to break new ground.
by Simon Erskine Locke, Founder & CEO, CommunicationsMatch
08-08-2019 06:14
Even in the age of smartphones, Tweets, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn posts, and content creation, media relations still drives public relations. Our CEO asserts that media relations still is the most important service PR agencies should deliver.
by Richard Dukas, CEO, Dukas Linden Public Relations
Our research into the hiring practices of Fortune 1000 companies and large non-profit associations, conducted with the support of Researchscape, the Institute for Public Relations, and communications industry leaders, offers takeaways for client-organizations looking to hire agencies. Here are six.
by Simon Erskine Locke, Steve Drake, Robert Udowitz, Founder & CEO, Principals, CommunicationsMatch, RFP Associates
How do Fortune 1000 companies and large non-profit associations conduct agency searches? How do they grade agencies in the hiring process and those they've hired? Insights from our new research conducted with RFP Associates and Researchscape, with the support of the Institute for Public Relations and industry leaders, offers a path to achieving better search outcomes and longer relationships.
by Simon Erskine Locke, Founder & CEO, CommunicationsMatch
Larry Weber, Chairman & CEO of Racepoint Global (the Weber in Weber Shandwick), shared a key takeaways from his new book Authentic Marketing at Capitol Communicator's PR Summit D.C. On the sidelines, I caught up with him for the latest Communicators-to-Communicators 3-minute video. He shares key takeaways - the importance of corporations having a moral purpose and the role of technology in communications.
by Simon Erskine Locke, Founder & CEO, CommunicationsMatch
It’s pretty much a truism that you need to be keyed in to the latest digital marketing statistics and the hottest trends for your digital marketing strategy to remain effective in 2019 and beyond.
by Hristina Nikolovska, Community Manager,
Tracey Wood Mendelsohn, president and CEO of the Black Public Relations Society-New York, Erika Sanchez, president of the Hispanic Public Relations Association’s New York Chapter, and I share three simple steps communications professionals can take to increase diversity in the public relations industry in this summary of a new article.
by Simon Erskine Locke, Founder & CEO, CommunicationsMatch
CommunicationsMatch™ and the Marketing IMPACT Council™ have partnered to help companies find high impact communications, marketing and advertising agencies and generate new business opportunities for listed and member agencies. John Greco, chair of the Marketing IMPACT Council, to serve as senior executive advisor to CommunicationsMatch.
by Simon Erskine Locke, Founder & CEO, CommunicationsMatch
CommunicationsMatch announced today its partnership with Ken Jacobs, ACC, CPC, to provide leadership coaching and development as a service to corporate and agency public relations, advertising, communications and marketing leaders and executives.
by Simon Erskine Locke, Founder & CEO, CommunicationsMatch
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