• Login Instructions

    When you create a search profile or a listing on the site you will create a login name and password. You can use your login name and password to access the site on a range of devices. Note: You will not be able to use the same email for both a search and listing profile.  

    If you wish to edit a company listing or profile that is already on the site and you do not have login information, send an email to and we will set you up.     

  • What is CommunicationsMatch?

    CommunicationsMatch offers tools and resources to help companies find and engage communications and PR agencies, consultants, freelancers, and related services providers with the skillsets they need to grow their brands. Our Agency Search Resource Center includes guides, research, and videos to help companies achieve better agency search outcomes. We offer agency search and consulting services, crisis management and opinion survey tools, and help companies find offshore developers and programmers to realize technology projects.     

  • How is CommunicationsMatch different from Google or LinkedIn?

    CommmunicationsMatch was designed with the sole purpose of connecting companies with communications resources using search criteria including – industry sector, communications and marketing expertise, location, size, organizational membership, designations and diversity. The site also enables clients looking for services to search by keywords and other criteria.

    Communications firms and individuals have the ability to upload bios, capabilities presentations and other information to provide a complete overview of their capabilities, helping them standout with business leaders looking for communications resources.      

  • How many communications firms do you have on CommunicationsMatch?

    We have 6,000 U.S. and international agencies and individuals on the site. We are adding public relations and communications-related service providers every day.   

  • How do I list my business on CommunicationsMatch?

    Once you register, you'll choose a plan to create a basic or comprehensive profile. It only takes a few minutes to create your profile. Our directory monthly plans start $12 a month or $125 (Annual) for individuals (consultants and freelancers). Comprehensive plans start at $20 a month or $195 (Annual) for individuals and $30 a month for agencies or $295 (Annual). Select a plan and submit your payment (we accept all major credit cards).  If you have any difficulties with the listing process, contact [email protected].  

  • My company is listed on CommunicationsMatch, how can I edit the listing?

    Login with your username and password to edit your profile. If you don't know the username or password used to create your profile, email [email protected]. You can also reach us through the support email if you have problems or questions.

  • Has the data on CommunicationsMatch been verified by the companies?

    We review the data on an ongoing basis, and reach out to listed agencies and individuals to verify that their information is accurate every six months. If information is found to be inaccurate or out of date, we change it upon notification.

  • Where does the company information come from?

    The site is designed so individual companies and individuals can create their own listings.

  • Can any company or individual upload their data?

    CommunicationsMatch focuses exclusively on communications and communications-related companies, individuals and service providers. This includes PR, email marketing, website development, SEO, mobile, photography and videography, among other areas. We also list vendors who support the industry. 

  • Which payment system do you use?

    CommunicationsMatch uses Square to process credit card payments for convenience and security.  

  • What are the listing and promotion options on CommunicationsMatch?

    We offer a number of listing options in addition to our Agency Select tools.  

    Annual Listing: 

    Basic Agency ($195)

    Comprehensive Agency  ($495)

    Basic Individual ($95)

    Comprehensive Individual ($195)

    Agency Select RFP/RFQ Services ($495) (Summer Deal $395)

    • Issue RFPs or RFQs for one year using Agency Select online RFP/RFQ tools
    • One hour complimentary search consulting session

    We offer special rates for our partner members.

    Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

  • How do I know companies will use this tool to search for communications services?

    To-date there have been around 140,000 searches on the site and 530,000+ profile views. We have ongoing marketing and public relations campaigns to raise awareness of CommunicationsMatch and bring decision makers to the platform. Using our analytics tools we can provide provide analytics to users.   

  • What is the cost for a company to search for a communications provider on

    We do not charge companies or individuals searching for communications companies. For full access to the database and search tools we require searchers to register. 

  • How do you ensure that companies searching are legitimate?

    Companies can do a limited search without registering on the site. A full search, which gives searchers access to our search tools, requires registration. 

  • How does the site benefit a company looking for communications professionals?

    We help companies and individuals find and engage with public relations and communications agencies, consultants and freelancers with capabilities that match their needs - saving time and enhancing due dilligence to ensure they have the best firms or consultants on their search short list. The database allows for very specific searches of skillsets by areas of specialization, both by industry and communications capability, as well as by location and company size. Listed firms benefit from visibility with decision makers on CommunicationsMatch and its social media channels. Our listing plans include agency promotion options with CommPRO that reach 170,000+ subscribers, an audience of 3 million through news apps, and 400,000 monthly visitors around the world through online syndication.

  • Does endorse companies or rate them?

    No. The database allows companies to find companies and individuals with skillsets that match their search criteria. It provides information that allows a company to short list those they want to reach out to, so they can determine if they want to work together. Our RFQ and RFP tools provide the opportunity to request additional information and request proposals. It is the decision of a company or individual looking for a communications resource whether to hire them.

  • How do you ensure that communications companies do not misrepresent their capabilities?

    We have a three-strikes-and-you-are-out principle. We encourage the CommunicationsMatch community to report agencies or individuals that misrepresent themselves or their capabilities. Three infractions will result in a listed firm being deleted from the system. In the event of a serious breach of our Terms & Conditions we will delete them immediately.

  • Can I request an RFP or engage with companies or agencies through the system?

    CommunicationsMatch users can click on the email contacts to request information of listed agencies and individuals. Our RFQ/RFP tools provide companies the ability to seek more information and request proposals from agencies, consultants and freelancers. 

  • How is my company data protected?

    The information on CommunicationsMatch, by definition, is searchable using the database. Confidential and non-public information should not be posted on the site.

    We have a number of protocols to ensure that a company’s information may not be edited by others.

    These include:

    1) A high level of security to reduce the risk of hacking, both at the website and server level.

    2) Email verification prior to the ability to log into the system.

    3) Only individuals who have logged in with a company email addresses related to that company can upload and edit information on the site about their company.

    4) Content review by the Webmaster before it is posted to the site.

    5) Email notification of changes to content.

    6) 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. (EST) support.

  • Who is behind CommunicationsMatch?

    The company was founded by Simon Erskine Locke, Founder & CEO, who has extensive corporate communications and agency experience. Locke previously held senior communications roles at Prudential Financial, Morgan Stanley, and Deutsche Bank. He has extensive technology start-up expertise as founder of a website engagement platform used by towns in the Hudson Valley and, prior to its acquisition by the Investments & Wealth Institute, the Retirement Income Industry Association®. He is a member of the Foreign Press Association's Executive Committee, PRSA, and the Financial Communications Society. 

    Team members and advisors provide a depth of experience to CommunicationsMatch.  We have an exceptional team of programmers and developers, as well as sales associates and researchers. 

    CommunicationsMatch's board of advisors is comprised of experienced communications, technology and business professionals.

  • Who do I contact in the event I have a problem or questions?

    You can send an email to [email protected] or call 917-359-6969, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

  • What types of firms are listed?

    We have 6,000 U.S. and international communications-related firms listed on the site. We are adding to our listed firms every day. Companies and professionals have expertise in PR, marketing communications, content marketing, thought leadership, website development, SEO, email marketing, speechwriting, photography and videography, among other communications-related areas.  

    Our audience is senior business and marketing leaders as well as corporate communications executives.   

  • What is your Consulting Search Service?

    For clients seeking additional support in the process of finding communications firms we offer a Consulting Search Service through our partner RFP Associates. Find out more here.               

  • What does it mean to be a CommunicationsMatch Partner Company?  

    We partner with service providers to the communications industry. For Partner Companies we offer advertising options and provide promotional support through the posting of relevant and appropriate thought leadership to our community. We will highlight partner relationships through other marketing activities. These are paid promotional opportunities. Partner relationships do not impact our search algorithm and will not lead to higher rankings.               

  • How does CommunicationsMatch's Recommendation system work?

    We provide several ways to incorporate recommendations. A listed company may ask clients to submit a recommendation by inviting them to visit the company's listing on CommunicationsMatch then clicking on the Submit a Recommendation button at the bottom of the page. Once a recommendation has been submitted it is reviewed by the CommuninicationsMatch webmaster prior to sharing with a listed company or professional for approval through their company's Profile page. If a listed company has not already created a user profile page - email [email protected] - it will need to do so to review and approve recommendations. To manage this process and protect from abuse, recommendations may only be submitted by individuals who have created a free search profile on CommunicationsMatch. in addition, agencies and professionals can incorporate links to existing recommendations, and connect to a Clutch review.           

  • What does it mean to be a "qualified" agency or professional, in order to list?

    In order to list, qualified agency leaders, consultants and freelancers are expected to have a minimum of 3-5 years operational, agency or corporate experience.    

  • What agency search services does CommunicationsMatch offer?

    CommunicationsMatch offers a range of search services for our users including a free technology-driven search and paid agency search consulting services. For companies looking to realize technology ideas we offer programmer and developer search consulting.

    Our tools include Agency Select our online RFQ/RFP service, and crisis management and opinion surveys


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