Crisis Management Public Relations & Communications Surveys – Next Day Results

Want to know how your messages are resonating?


You want to know how your messages are resonating, but that’s expensive and time-consuming, right?  Time to reset expectations. For a low flat rate you can have feedback within 24 hours using CommunicationsMatch’s next day crisis communications & PR survey tool, developed with Researchscape International.

  • Expertise

    Researchscape International is a leader in communications research serving the largest agencies and companies in the industry.

  • How It Works

    We survey nationally representative audience panels to identify trends then use artificial intelligence to provide results within 24 hours.

  • What It Costs

    10 Questions, 500 people, $3,995
    20 Questions, 1,000 people, $6,495
    Custom surveys available.

Our research tool uses a simple three step process to field and generate results reports.

  • 1

    Discuss and develop your questionnaire with Researchscape’s experts.

    Layer 1 Layer 1
  • 2

    Your survey is fielded to our nationally representative panel of adults aged 18-80.

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  • 3

    We deliver your results and AI generated report & presentation within 24 hours.

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Tony Cheevers explains how the Next Day Crisis & Opinion Survey tool works in this short video. Visit our Crisis Management Resources page for insights from industry leaders on crisis management best practices.