Basic Free Listing
Comprehensive listing. Upload industry and communications sector expertise, capabilities, bios and thought leadership. .
Basic+ Listing
List on CommunicationsMatch and have your listing promoted through our Social Media channels and newsletter.
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Freelancer Listing 2018 (Beta)
For an interim period, list as a Freelancer for free for 2018.
Video interview, editing and posting on your website as well as promotion through CommunicationsMatch channels.
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CommPRO Email Partner Promotion
Lead Generation Report. Reach an audience of 170,000+ with your report. We'll provide download emails . Discount on list price of $3,500.
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CommPRO Webinar
Sponsor a webinar, reach 170,000+ CommPRO subscribers and receive emails. Discount on list price of $5,000.
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CommPRO Promoted Email
Send a promoted email to CommPRO's audience of 170,000+ subscribers. Discount on list price of $4,750.
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Agency Select Online RFQ/RFP Tool
For trial period our Agency Select online RFQ/RFP tool will be offered as a free service.