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Finding the right PR or communications partner is one of the most consequential decisions companies make.   Our agency search resource center provides a range of materials to help companies find firms that match their needs, save time and achieve better outcomes. 

These include our agency search guides, 2017 Agency Search Report, and our new 3-Minute Insights Video Series with RFP Associates.


PR & Communications Agency Search Guide (2017 Edition)  

Click here to download our 2017 Agency Search Guidelines

Our New 2018 PR & Communications Agency Search Guide, CommunicationsMatch/RFP Associates (eBook) will be published in the coming weeks.  

It provides insider perspective from experienced search professionals who’ve both hired agencies in corporate roles and run agencies.  This short eBook offers a simple “how to manual” for hiring PR and communications agencies.  It helps companies determine search criteria, measures of success and how to manage the process of engaging and interviewing agencies.  It offers valuable insights that will help you make agency search more efficient and help you find firms best positioned to meet your company’s needs and deliver the greatest ROI.       



Click here to download our 2017 Agency Search Report.  The report provides insights into how companies find agencies, the skillsets they are looking for and reasons for hiring.     

Our 2018 Report will be published in the second quarter of the year.


Agency Search Video Series

Watch the first in our series more than a dozen agency search videos produced in partnership with RFP Associates. 

These videos cover topics ranging from "Why a company may want to hire an agency?" to "Agency onboarding?" and everything inbetween.


Episode 1:  Why Hire a PR Agency?


Episode 2:  When is it the right time to hire or engage an agency?


Episode 3:  How to Budget for Public Relations



Episode 4: What are the keys to a successful agency search?











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