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+1 416 899 6833
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Social media analytics and engagement platform with focus on Twitter and Instagram. Deep Audience segmentation drives intelligent publishing and smart media and ad investment. The most unique DM platform for performing arts, sports teams and multinational brands for radically better conversion and conversational style engagement with your audience.

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We provide an analytics and engagement platform for social media (focusing on Twitter and Instagram - for now). Our deep analytics  drives meaningful engagement leading to higher conversions, more ticket sales, optimized ad investment. We solve problems such as:

1. Who is my audience

2. How do I increase convesrion

3. How do I stand out in the social media noise

4. How do I spend less time scheduling and managing my content

5. How do I measure the effectiveness of my social media effort

6. How do I know what my competitor is up to

7. How do I market through Influencers

8. How do I see who talks about a specific topic, how many people and where

9. How do I monitor who talks about topics I care about

10... and more

We'd love to speak to you and see how we can solve your challenges!


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