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With feet-on-the-ground experience working on both US coasts and in Asia, I specialize in global corporate, tourism, tech and IPO PR with a focus on telling compelling stories, garnering on-message media coverage and providing sound strategic counsel. Prior to starting my own business, I most recently headed public relations for Splunk, where I led communications around one of 2012’s most successful IPOs. Splunk was my second IPO (I worked on the communications team for Visa’s IPO in 2008). Before Splunk, I managed global public relations at Visa Inc. with a focus on the company’s travel and tourism business, utilizing their vast resources of spend data to emphasize the global impact of tourism to consumers, governments and the travel industry. Prior to moving to the Bay Area in 2007, I lived in Singapore for 12 years, where I headed Visa's public relations operations for South and Southeast Asia, managing corporate communications strategies, agencies and messaging in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. One of my strongest passions is in the area of travel and tourism. Throughout my career, I have specialized in public relations, public affairs and government relations around the economic impact tourism can make on an economy. Specialties: In addition to travel and tourism public relations and public affairs, I specialize in the following: - Developing core messaging - Creating and managing global PR networks - Public relations around IPOs and major funding - Tech and ecommerce PR - Managing corporate presence and impact at events like APEC, SXSW, the Olympic Games and presidential/dignitary visits


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