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You have stories to tell.  We get the world to listen, act and care.

Falls Communications is a full service communications firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. Our practice areas include marketing communications, public relations, corporate communications and investor relations, brand strategy, crisis communications, digital marketing, creative services, government relations, and content marketing.  

We use these areas of expertise individually and in concert with one another to drive results for our clients, who are some of most recognized brands in their industries.

If you’re looking for a team to simply say, “Yes,” it’s probably not us. We’ll be the first to ask hard questions when necessary, because we know the people important to your business will do the same. We don’t spin because it doesn’t move you forward. It’s about doing something well and then helping the world to understand why it should care. Your results are the measure of our success. We think our strong client retention record suggests we must be doing something right.


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