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Bob Gold & Associates is a results-driven, boutique-sized agency headquartered in Southern California with a satellite office in New York City and a global PR network of partner firms. We provide clients with strategies that resonate and engage, propelling businesses forward with an immediate, positive impact on the bottom line. 

 Whether you are a start-up or Fortune 500 firm in the entertainment technology industry, a content creator or simply looking to build your business, we will enhance your brand story and secure more buzz for your budget.  

Our goal is to educate media and analysts about your organization, share your expertise, and demonstrate the effectiveness of your solutions.  

Yes, press releases are part of the mix but our expertise lies in content creation, leveraging advertising, negotiating better rates and standing out at trade shows.  

Together, we align audiences with news hooks that resonate and result in earned stories, while helping you build powerful relationships to increase exposure through sponsorships and press tours.  

Since 1997 we have focused on relationship-building, bringing instant credibility to our clients’ business and providing unparalleled services to tell their story and generate results that we are all proud of. 


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