Twitter Truth App: Imagine!

What would the world of social look like if there were an app that prevented things that aren’t true from being published on Twitter, Facebook or any other social platform? 

Twitter Truth Image

We’re not talking about fact checking what was said, we're talking about a simple app and browser plug-in using an AI-driven algorithm to check if what is written is the truth before allowing a social media post to be published.  

Might it reduce social traffic by 50% and Presidential tweets, by a lot?

And, what would the master of the tech universe who developed the app and the company be like?  How about… 

  • 23-year-old Harvard grad who says he’s reinventing social media as a place where only the truth is told
  • A company with100 AI scientists being paid $1 million-a-year to build it
  • A glass maze for a headquarters so employees must communicate using technology, but can see each other to encourage a sense of community
  • 10 rounds of funding, but the app is still cannot decide if it can publish a reference to Russian collusion
  • Equity-incentivized communicators falling over themselves to set up interviews with the founder
  • Facebook buys it to make it disappear

In my latest article for Medium, there are valuable truths in the fiction.  At a minimum, I hope you enjoy the read. 

Click here to read: Twitter Truth App

Twitter Truth

It’s a bit of fun that hopefully will make us think about the crazy tech journey we are on.

Simon Erskine Locke is Founder & CEO of CommunicationsMatch, a communications agency search, engagement and resources platform. Locke writes on issues related to communications, PR, media and behavior for the CommunicationsMatch Insights Blog and now on Medium.

Any resemblance to companies, persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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