About Company

Communication EFFECT was founded back in 1995 and has been a part of the global PR network of Edelman since 2000.

Our mission is to support our clients to build up their reputations in various ways.

Our team combines members with skill and talent, expertise and authenticity, fresh ideas and processes and our daily challenge is to create, implement and defend under a comprehensive plan abiding by the rules and ethics. Creativity is our first priority across every communication plan. Fresh ideas and inspiring concepts are an uncompromising goal. Our team members feel at their best when they are assigned to amplify a cause and implement campaigns via digital, visual and media storytelling; the online environment has already emerged as a main field of reputation building.

Trust, community building, active participation in the ecosystem are our core values. Communication EFFECT has been working with local communities, influential citizens and experts in order to build advocacy networks. Our commitment considers assessment of the agreed goals while quality control is a prerequisite of our services and a measurement of an indispensable check point. Moreover, 9-5 is not the way we choose to work. Our team is alert 24/7, working seamlessly and around the clock in order to prevent any crisis and deal with any pitfall that may put our client’s communication plan or their reputation assets at risk.


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