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Sandra W. Harbrecht
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President & CEO
10 North High St., #300 Columbus Ohio United States 43215
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Location: 10 North High St., #300 338 43215

About Company

In 1963 – the same year Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech – our founder Paul Werth set out to fulfill one of his own:

Establish a communications firm of the highest caliber to compete on a statewide, national and international scale without compromising our strong Midwestern roots and work ethic that makes us authentically unique.

Today, our growing and diverse team humbly upholds his name and all that it stands for. We are recognized as one of the nation's largest independent communications firms. And we are still firmly rooted in the Midwest.

Proof that more than five decades later, Paul Werth's dream remains alive and well.


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