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Today's technology companies need to communicate about their products and services in entirely new ways with customers, suppliers, strategic partners, employees, and of course, the media and analysts. 

But some things haven't changed. Reporters and analysts still need timely, accurate information and companies need more than ever to build community with the market. These two driving forces have become virtually inseparable. 

Here's where we come in: We help our clients deliver on both counts using the latest methods for getting news and information out to bloggers, podcasters, journalists and pundits and making our clients' own sites effective, valuable tools for communication.

Our services include: content development, podcasting, video production, media tours, special events, online community development, delivery coaching and media training. We also offer exclusive custom editorial events.

It's all here under one roof--a company with media contacts, writers, broadcasters, podcasters with the commitment, talent, insight and all the tools to bring your voice to the media and the market.


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