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Founded in 1978, Epoch 5 is the leading Long Island public relations firm because it has been highly successful at creating positive exposure for and enhancing the reputations of our clients, both on Long Island and throughout the tri-state area. For many clients, we have also played a key role in helping them protect or regain their reputations after controversial or crisis situations.

While public relations is a core service of our firm, we are a full-service agency that for many clients provides programs comprised of a series of integrated communications services. For example, many clients come to us to increase their sales or billings through publicity, but also want to engage their audiences through social media, network with major decision-makers or respond to controversial issues as they arise. Whether it’s getting a business profile in Newsday, building Facebook likes, creating an online customer newsletter, or organizing a community meeting, Epoch 5 gets the job done.

What sets Epoch 5 apart from other PR companies is the quality of our people and account teams. Epoch 5 is unique in that each client program is managed by seasoned, senior professionals with decades of experience, backed by the hard work of a diverse and experienced staff. Most of our staff members previously held senior positions in the New York City offices of major national and international public relations agencies; other staff have backgrounds in government, media and corporate communications. Epoch 5 is not only known for the quality of its work, but also our expert counsel, strategic planning and positioning and excellent client service.


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