About Company

J. Roderick, Inc. is a hands-on public relations firm that advises some of the country’s leading brands and most promising start-ups on developing influential media profiles.

Specialists in translating clients’ intangible assets into tangible press coverage, the firm’s greatest strength is its ability to sculpt and deliver company news and ideologies in a package that complements the media zeitgeist. This journalistic approach to branding allows clients to promote their key messages in the press while also building a platform of thought leadership on issues critical to their businesses.

Idea Extraction
We gather the ideas that fuel our media outreach through a think tank-style approach to mining company intelligence. A regular source of new idea generation, these think tank sessions bring together key company personnel in fast-paced brainstorming roundtables. The process creates a virtuous circle in which concepts rising to the top of the discussion become key messages that are merchandized throughout the organization, from employee communications to marketing materials to media relations.

Well connected, tactical and agile, J. Roderick, Inc. has established a track record of building campaigns that drive sustained, top-tier media coverage. The firm was founded in 2003 and has pioneered a new agency model in which senior management leads every step of the PR process from client contact to story development, writing and media pitching. This hands-on approach serves the dual purpose of delivering expert counsel to clients and targeted, authoritative information to the press.


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