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Name: Släger
Location: Stortingsgata 12 1270 0161
Tel: +47 22 60 44 00

About Company

Welcome to Släger, one of the leading Norwegian boutique public relations agencies.  Our client list consists of leading businesses and brands in Norway, the Nordic region and internationally. We create proven, long-term value for these businesses by increasing their visibility and clarity.  Our core deliverable is the systematic and professional fulfilment of our clients’ PR potential.

Släger was established in 2005 to challenge the existing major players in the PR industry. Our strategy has been to build an operational and effective PR team with international ambitions – and to let our results speak for themselves. Our current client list proves that we are a competitive option on both the Norwegian and Nordic levels. Our growth has almost exclusively come through recommendations of our services from existing clients and partners. For us, this is the strongest acknowledgement that we create value and ensure a return on investment for our clients.


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