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Location: 150 South 5th Street, Suite 900 426 55402
Tel: 612 342 9898

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Karwoski & Courage is anything but a traditional public relations agency. Uniquely suited to provide a broad range of services, Karwoski & Courage possesses that rare combination of strategic expertise and flawless execution that delivers measurable results.

Our Focus
We know the importance of ROI to our clients, and we understand that not all media impressions are created equal. That’s why we aim to drive sales and increase market share for our clients by creating brand champions through the power of credible, targeted endorsement. We do this through creative integrated campaigns designed to reach our targets repeatedly, and across multiple media platforms. We also build in measurement from the beginning so that our clients are able to see proof of their dollars at work.

Our Culture
While some agencies are too mired in their own structure and processes to work efficiently, we take pride in our ability to stay nimble, and to simply get it done. As an independent operating company of Martin|Williams, Inc. (Omnicom), we can access the resources of a $300+ million marketing communications organization while still providing the responsiveness and service of a midsize PR firm.

Additionally, we may be the only agency in the region that doesn’t have minimum billable requirements for employees. We do this to encourage employees to collaborate across account teams and disciplines, which we believe has a greater benefit for our clients than a focus on billable hours.



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