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Location: 217 N. Seacrest Blvd., #563 1314 33425
Tel: 1-877-545-5622
Mobile: 703-801-5309
Fax: 1-877-545-5622


Gay O’Brien is founder and principal of LGK Marketing Communications Collective, Inc. Gay is an accomplished and award-winning professional with a 20-year track record in corporate and media communications, media planning, cause marketing, promotion, publicity, public relations and production. As a corporate manager overseeing television stations in top US markets for Taft Broadcasting, Fox, Paramount Pictures and Viacom, she developed integrated marketing campaigns and regulatory compliance programs. On the client side, Ms. O’Brien successfully launched traditional advertising and public relations programs, as well as, social media campaigns. This Howard University (Washington, DC) graduate is the recipient of many media and public relations awards, including six television Emmy awards. Get to know Gay better, visit


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