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Cheryl Taylor Bowie
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Founder, Owner & Brand Strategist
Po Box 53655 Lafayette Louisiana United States 70505
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Location: Po Box 53655 711 70505

About Company

Right Angle has been around for more than 25 years. From that first night over burger and beers, the three founders (Nancy Hoch, Steve Schneider, and Cheryl Taylor) knew the focus of our own brand would be about marketing — about finding the right angle.

Over the years, partners have come and gone, but under the leadership of Cheryl Taylor Bowie, the firm has stayed true to finding the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for all of our clients.

This process begins with clarifying the client's brand, ensuring that it reflects the mission and intent of that organization and all other efforts evolve from there. Re-branding may be required. This can include creative development of a new name (including a search for a Web domain or address), upgrading of the client's mark or logo, and formation of a relevant slogan or tagline. This sets the tone or the direction for all other marketing components. 

Another philosophy we've held important is the group creative session. We know that more brains around the table (and more personalities) lead to more inventive solutions. It's paid off in hundreds of awards at local, regional, and national levels.

Another secret to our success: We clearly define target audiences. More than just demographics, we look at the psychographics — the behavior and attitudes of your company's ideal customers. We get inside their heads. We find their hot buttons and design messages and visuals that hit those buttons.


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