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Location: 9 Tverski St. 1178 6721010
Tel: +972 3 624 1241

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Fleisher Communications is the sole representative for the global communication group Fleishman-Hillard and the Israeli subsidiary for the Grayling group.

A key component to establish out clients reputation as market leaders is an open and continuous partnership. We in Fleisher Communications engage in an ongoing and sincere face-to-face relationship with our clients to better meet their needs.

We act as full partners with all our clients in establishing a PR strategy, in following its implementation and, if needed, in crisis management.

Our accumulated expertise, combined with our knowledge of the nuances of the local market and business practices, is what makes us a preferred PR agency, both by local companies and by multinationals wishing to enter to Israeli market.

In today’s globalized world, the flow of information is unending. Action and reaction happen almost simultaneously and media occurrences happen in real-time. In this dynamic reality, our model of small, specialized teams, enables us to serve our clientele base 24/7.

Furthermore, we have a number of supporting teams which collect and analyze media information fast and effectively, and serve to further assist our clients in need.

We take great pride in our work of bridging the needs of our clients with those of the media.

With 25 years of experience, we in Fleisher Communications have had significant success with what are now some of the leading companies in Israel.


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