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Location: 735 Broad St., Suite 1004 489 37402-2934

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Waterhouse is a full-service public relations firm specializing in integrated digital and traditional communications tools and methodologies. Practicing PR with an integrated approach means we combine the best of proven traditional methods with digital innovation that has transformed both the media and our industry. Today, our work is more efficient, far-reaching and exponentially more valuable to our clients. From our digital dashboard, we generate content, track engagement, analyze risks and respond in real-time— all through live-feed digital and social platforms. As a result, our clients' stories are more impactful and engaging than traditionally envisioned and are amplified beyond geographical boundaries. We love the work we do and the companies and brands for whom we do it. We'd "go to the mat" for them, any day, any hour. Just ask them, they'll tell you. With our 24/7 policy, we are always within reach, and our clients' needs are front and center.


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