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Schnake Turnbo Frank PR
20 East 5th St., Suite 1500 Tulsa Oklahoma United States 74103
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In 1970, when our founder, Chuck Schnake, learned of his employer’s plans to move him to Philadelphia, he had other ideas. He hung out his shingle in downtown Tulsa and opened his one-man public relations shop. Meanwhile, Steve Turnbo had left the advertising business and put out a shingle of his own. Business was good in 1982 when Chuck asked him if he’d like to have breakfast one Sunday morning. “There’s only one person I would have merged with,” Steve said. “Chuck was the best and most principled PR practitioner I knew. When he invited me to join him, it was an easy decision.” Thus, Schnake Turnbo & Associates was formed. A few years after Chuck tried, but failed retirement, Steve called his friend Becky Frank, who had built a career in nonprofit and corporate PR, to be a part of the team. Becky joined as a partner in 2000. Six months later she recruited her long-time friend and co-worker of 20 years, Russ Florence.  Seven years later, Russ became a partner. In spring of 2010, Aaron Fulkerson joined the team to lead the firm’s rapidly growing management consulting division.  Less than two years later, Aaron also became a partner. Becky, Russ and Aaron now own the firm, while Steve Turnbo remains onboard as chairman emeritus. The firm, still headquartered in Tulsa, opened an Oklahoma City office in 2008. With more than 20 employees, the company continues to thrive under its original  principles.


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