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OKO Public Relations
ul. Bluszczowa 11 Krakow Poland 30-439
+48 12 267 27 59
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OKO Public Relations was founded in 2000, in Krakow, by Iwona Haberny. Cultural events have had a significant place in the firm’s activities since the very beginning – organisation of events as well as their effective promotion. Currently our offer has been expanded to include marketing of medical services, new technology marketing and place marketing.

On account of the nature of our activities, which demand particularly careful financial discipline, our firm has become specialised in the most effective, integrated marketing communication, making optimal use of activities in the area of PR and traditional advertising, as well as promotional activities on the internet. In response to the needs of our clients, in addition to work connected with promotion of events and products, we offer help in gaining partners and funding for advertising campaigns. We offer advice concerning taxes and legal issues connected with promotional activities (especially connected with copyright). We suggest how to reach a wider market with your business activities by creating an attractive product which will ultimately bring substantial financial profit to your firm.

We specialise in organisation and promotion of cultural events and projects. In our times, every undertaking, regardless of its size or extent, requires promotional support. Most likely you do not even wonder anymore whether it is necessary to promote your activities. Your decision concerns, rather, the following question: what will be the most effective method – an advertising agency or a public relations employee ? If you choose an agency for promotion, why should it be OKO Public Relations??


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