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Koroberi, Inc.
236 South Boylan Avenue Suite 100 Raleigh North Carolina United States 27603
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Koroberi is a full- service business-to-business agency that specializes in global digital, marketing, branding advertising and content development. We partner with clients in the automation, robotics, supply chain, medical devices, energy and telecommunications industries.

Using this B2B industry expertise, Koroberi leverages personal insights to engineer experiences that foster an emotional connection and ultimately inspire prospects to do business with our clients. We believe people don’t leave their personality in the office parking lot. The same things make us laugh and cry whether we’re sitting on the couch or behind a desk. If we can tap into an emotion we can win them over. Although we may write about robotics, we provide services tailored to industry and client needs, not a cookie- cutter, robotic approach.

“Ke-ro-be-re” is a phonetic spelling of the Australian aboriginal word, corroboree, used to describe a gathering of leaders in times of conflict or celebration – a metaphor for the marketer. We embody this word and weave collaboration and creativity into everything we do.


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