Fred Riger Advertising Agency, Inc.

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Fred Riger Advertising Agency, Inc.
53 Chenango St. 5th Fl. Binghamton New York United States 13901
607 723 7441
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In business since 1950, Riger is the oldest and largest (and most adaptable!) business of its kind in South-Central New York State. We are a multi-service marketing communications agency encompassing advertising, marketing, public relations, research, media services, graphics, sales promotion, special events, online, video and print production, direct mail, multimedia presentations, social media, email marketing and many other specializations. We serve a variety of business-to-business, financial, health care and consumer-oriented accounts.

When you study our client experience list (fact sheet PDF), you’ll find many who’ve been with us a long while—and some who’ve been with us for most of our six-plus decades! Quite a few of these customers first came to us with a single project that eventually blossomed into an ongoing agency/client relationship.

Riger is a member of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA). Of some 13,000 ad agencies in the U.S., not quite five percent are AAAA members. Government relations, agency management know-how and a vast marketing case history library are just some of the benefits of AAAA membership, which accrue to our clients.

Riger’s affiliation with the American Association of Advertising Agencies and similar resources offers our clients added value. We have access to the complete AAAA Reference Library, a compendium of current case studies available only to AAAA members. It’s a resource we tap time and time again to research best practices in marketing communications on behalf of our clients’ diverse needs.


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