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Coxit Public Relations combines 15 years of experience with dedicated, dynamic and proactive people. The agency, as it appears today, was established in February 2005 by entrepreneur and agency leader, Magnus Brøyn. Coxit PR’s roots however extends back 15 years, when Coxit PR’s leader previously led the agencies, Press & information a|s, and Cox PR (Public relations unit of Cox Communications). How to steer the boat right? That’s the task for a cox. To coxe the rowers means to give them direction, but it is equally important to make sure the pace is good and that the rhythm is right - in other words that the team is coordinated. The name, Coxit Public Relations, is really a challenge to ourselves and our clients to be the driving force and steer the right way. Together we control the message – to make sure it reaches the right audience! Coxit Public Relations offers services within several areas, among others including; Media Relations, Corporate Communications, Financial Communications, Publishing, Broadcasting Communication as well as Digital PR and Social Media. Enthusiasm, humour and commitment characterize our way of working. Curiosity, ingenuity and innovation characterize our communication.


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