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Clarity Quest Marketing
12 Roosevelt Ave. 3rd Floor Mystic Connecticut United States 06355
877 887 7611
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Sectors: B2B, Health/Med Tech, Technology, Professional Services: General, Consulting, Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises, Technology: General, Enterprise, Hardware, Semiconductors, Software, Startups
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Founded in 2001, we serve companies in the biotechnology, software, hardware and technical professional services industries. Clarity Quest has offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Seattle and Connecticut.

How We’re Different

We eat, drink and breathe technology and healthcare. And if for some reason you have a very esoteric or supremely complex product, no worries. We love to learn and we learn quickly. The majority of team members have technical undergraduate and graduate degrees in addition to marketing education and experience.

  • We’re clear about marketing plans, goals and campaigns. Hey, our name does have “clarity” in it! You’ll understand why and how we’re executing your marketing campaigns every step of the way. We foster and encourage constant communication with our clients. We use the latest project management and web conferencing tools to ensure we’re all on the same page with your team.
  • We get results. The vast majority of our clients have been with us for 3 years or more. It’s simple – our client turnover rate is extremely low because we help them grow their businesses and yes, we’re kinda fun to be around.
  • We’re up on the latest techniques and trends in marketing. Especially in online marketing, what works and doesn’t can change in a matter of days. Our staff stays current through extensive webinars, training sessions and yes, even reading books. Our agency is recognized as a Google Certified Partner and  demonstrating our extensive working knowledge of the leading search engine marketing platform.


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