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Brown Marketing & Communications
N/A Orange County California United States 92944
949 310 8662
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BROWN MARKETING & PUBLIC RELATIONS is a full-service marketing firm specializing in luxury hospitality, consumer and lifestyle products. We offer a unique approach to branding and marketing our clients, coined - synergized communications. A successful marketing plan must be a cohesive program comprised of strategic tactics aimed at reaching your objective. The synergized communication platform comprises a myriad of evolving efforts all targeted to achieve our client's mission. Once a brand image is established, we utilize media relations, collateral development, direct mail, special events, advertising, online marketing, promotions, product placement and sponsorships to develop and promote the brand.

Unlike a traditional agency, BROWN MARKETING & PUBLIC RELATIONS doesn't work by the hour. We consider ourselves a salaried member of our client's team and operate however many hours necessary to get the job done. We work towards achieving goals and getting results.


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