Agency Select Online RFQ/RFP Tool

Once agencies have been identified that match specific needs, our Agency Select online RFQ/RFP tool can be used to request more information from these agencies, issue RFPs and compare submissions.  The service includes two hours of consulting with RFP Associates.  Access to the online service will be free during beta testing.  Click here to set up a call.  

Click on the SUBMIT RFQ/RFP button, once you have conducted a search for an agency or agencies.  Then select, customize and submit the RFQ (request for qualifications) or RFP (request for proposal) proprietary forms.  These forms draw upon RFP Associates’ search expertise to make the RFQ/RFP process as efficient as possible and generate the information cmpanies need to make agency hiring decisions.

RFQ and RFP forms require agencies to complete required certification and confidentiality requirements as part of the submission process.  Once the RFQ/RFP has been submitted the agency completes the forms and the company is notified in their Profile dashboard.  Completed RFQs/RFPs can then be reviewed and downloaded on CommunicationsMatch.  

We give companies the ability to upload additional supporting information and agencies the option of uploading case studies or other supporting information to assist with the agency selection process.

Our Agency Search Resource Center provides guidelines, research and videos to support the search process.   

The two one-hour consulting sessions with RFP Associates included with Agency Select, provide the opportunity to discuss selection criteria for a specific project, the customization or RFQs or RFPs, and the evaluation of RFQ/RFP submissions.          


A Few Simple Steps to Agency Selection

Having shortlisted agencies using CommunicationsMatch search tool, there are a few simple steps to completing the RFQ/RFP process. 

We encourage users to review our search resources in advance of or during the process. 

We recommend setting up consulting sessions with RFP Associates at the beginning of the project and to assist with agency selection when either selecting agencies for RFPs or when evaluating finalists.  Book a consulting session.     


Step 1:  Request More Information From Shortlisted Agencies

If you need additional information to narrow down your shortlist of agencies, we recommend issuing an Agency Select RFQ to selected agencie that meet your basic search criteria.  We recommend sending out RFQs with the goal of securing responses from six to ten firms.  The RFQ consists of a series of pre-populated questions designed to secure detailed information from agencies related to your assignment, potential conflicts of interest.  After clicking the SUBMIT RFQ button – you can tailor the form to your project before issuing it to selected agencies.   


Step 2: Select Agencies for RFP

Review the RFQ submissions in CommunicationsMatch to select agencies to receive your Agency Select RFP.     


Step 3:   RFP Form

The Agency Select RFP consists of a prepopulated RFP form designed to secure the information needed from agencies to select finalists for presentations.  After clicking the SUBMIT RFP button – you can add addition questions relevant to your project before issuing it to selected agencies.  Depending upon the size of the project we recommend issuing the RFP to six to ten agencies.    


Step 4:  Select Finalists and Set Up Presentations/Interviews

Review and compare the RFP responses in CommunicationsMatch.  Select three to five for final presentations and interviews. 


If you need help beyond the two hours of search consulting, RFP Associates is available to help you through the agency search process. Set up a call.

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