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At CommunicationsMatch we know it is not always easy to find PR and marketing communications services firms that match specific needs.  We also understand the challenge of ensuring your PR, marketing, SEO or web development firm is top-of-mind with potential clients when they are looking for a communications partner. 

Before we launched CommunicationsMatch we spent a lot of time talking to companies and corporate communications professionals.  We asked everyone a simple question: How do you find public relations or other marketing communications resources?  

The answer was consistent – “I ask someone I know for a recommendation.”  When pressed whether this was the most effective way to find a PR or marketing communications partner – all recognized word-of-mouth is valuable but limited.  Most could not think of one place to go to find the resources they were seeking. 

When we spoke with agencies, many noted they were well-positioned to meet a company’s needs, but were not always on the radar when a potential client was looking for a new communications partner.  Having started an agency a few years ago – I experienced this first hand.      

CommunicationsMatch was developed to address this challenge. 

The goal was to create a simple, efficient, one-stop-shop for companies looking to identify agencies and professionals by industry sector, communications expertise, location, company size and eventually client experience. 

In effect, we have created a marketplace where the buyers and sellers of communications-related services come together to find each other as the starting point for engagements. 

We have started life with 5,000 leading U.S. and international PR and communications-related companies and individuals on the site.  Our list includes public relations, internal communications, government affairs, investor relations, content marketing, email marketing, social media, SEO, website development, photography and video firms and professionals.  Today, we cover the U.S. and the U.K., as well as other major markets around the world and we continue to grow every day. 

CommunicationsMatch is much more than a provider of lists.  Our researchers have developed comprehensive profiles for each company that include capabilities presentations, senior executive biographies and customer recommendations.  

Our search algorithm ensures that business leaders are able to find firms that match the criteria that are important to them.  We offer tools to save searches and further refine results based on keywords and client information.     

By providing access to high-quality comprehensive listing information, decision-makers have all they need to reach out to directly or via our new messaging tools to form valuable working partnerships.

Search on the site is free for companies that are looking for communications agencies and professionals.  Companies do not have to register to search, but when they register, they will have access to the most complete search information and a growing suite of search tools.

PR media and trade organizations also offer companies the ability to search specifically for PR agencies.  The Public Relations Society of America, International Association of Business Communicators and The PR Council are amongst them.  However, CommunicationsMatch offers a comprehensive, international, multi-discipline database that allows users to search for firms specializing in areas such as SEO, content and email marketing, website development and automation.   

CommunicationsMatch has been purpose built to do one thing well – help companies find the experts they need to build and protect their brands and businesses.  The content we will be sharing is designed to give companies the information they need to successfully engage with communications partners.  

I invite you to watch our video introduction or visit to try it out, set up a profile to search or list and share your experience by emailing [email protected].  As we build out new capabilities and functionality, your feedback will be invaluable.


CommunicationsMatch is a world-leading communications-focused search site. It is the go-to resource for businesses seeking communications services providers with more than 5,600 U.S. and International agencies and professionals listed. 

Search for and connect with agencies and professionals with expertise in areas including: public relations, internal communications, government affairs, investor relations, content marketing, social media, SEO, website development, photography and video.

Find experts by name, industry sector, communications expertise, location, size, keywords and clients.

Listed companies can create comprehensive profiles by adding keywords, biographies, client rosters, ownership information, capabilities presentations, videos and thought leadership articles.  Watch our introductory video.


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