Public Relations Leadership Coaching: New PR Services Partner - Ken Jacobs

How can you or your team become more effective PR and communications leaders? Our new Coaching & Leadership Development partnership with former senior agency executive and certified coach, Ken Jacobs, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP, CLDS, offers a path for agencies and individuals to strengthen their leadership skills, grow businesses, address blind spots, and navigate through change.



In a new “Communicators-to-Communicators” 3-Minute Insights Video interview with Jacobs, a key takeaway is that being a great communicator doesn’t necessarily equate with being a great leader. I know first-hand that being both a producer and manager in any industry is a challenge. Communicators are generally promoted because of their PR, rather than managerial, skills. And, all too often, this only becomes clear when their followers start to walk out the door.



That’s why we collaborated with Jacobs to offer coaching and development as a partner service for the CommunicationsMatch™ community. He brings to the table a disciplined approach to empowering C-Suite executives, their next tier leaders, and teams to achieve their potential and surpass their business, organizational, and career goals. He helps agency and corporate communications leaders become more motivating and inspiring.

On the Coaching & Leadership Development page we outline the six-step process, customized for each client, to deliver what Jacobs describes as “very, very ambitious results”, and a path to help communications leaders move beyond the unsustainable situation of poor leadership driving talented professionals to leave.



“It all starts at the top”, he notes, reflecting a philosophy and perspective formed over more than 30 years in PR and communications. “If a leader is having leadership issues it has a trickle-down effect that prevents teams from achieving their potential.” 

This is exactly the type of situation many companies and agencies find themselves in and where he can help. Find out more by visiting the new Coaching & Leadership Development page on CommunicationsMatch and set up a complimentary session with Jacobs to explore your or your  organization’s goals. 

While helping companies identify agencies, consultants and freelancers to match their needs is at the heart of CommunicationsMatch™, this new service is just one example of the ways in which we are providing corporate and agency communicators resources to help them succeed.

In addition to the Coaching & Leadership Development page, CommunicationsMatch and its partners offer an array of tools and services including flat-rate, next-day PR opinion surveys, agency search consulting, programmer and developer search and agency promotion.


Simon Erskine Locke, Founder & CEO of CommunicationsMatch™

CommunicationsMatch offers communications & PR agency search, RFP, opinion survey tools and resources that help companies find, shortlist, and engage communications, digital marketing and branding agencies, consultants and freelancers by industry and communications expertise, location and size. The company also offers a range of services including Agency Search Consulting, Developer Search and Coaching & Development. Prior to founding CommunicationsMatch, Locke held senior corporate communications roles at Prudential Financial, Morgan Stanley, and Deutsche Bank and founded communications consultancies.  

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