PR and Communications Agency Search Secrets for a Diverse & Digital World (Free Webinar: Sept 12, 2 p.m.)

This webinar will help attendees improve the odds of finding PR and communications agencies that meet their needs in a diverse and digital world.  

Finding PR & Communications Agencies in a Diverse & Digital World

Agency, search and research experts will provide tips and perspective on ways to achieve search success.  

Neil Foote, President of the National Black Public Relations Society; Robert Udowitz, Principal at RFP Associates; Tony Cheevers, Head of Businiess Development at Researchscape and Jennefer Witter, CEO/Founder of The Boreland Group will be on a panel moderated by CommunicationsMatch's Founder and CEO, Simon Erskine Locke. 

With decades of experience on the corporate and agency sides of the business, the panel will discuss the importance of a disciplined approach to search and "a well-managed engagement, interview and reference processes to ensure a good client-agency fit both in terms of capabilities and people."

They will cover the ways in which technology, communications-focused RFQs and RFPs, and a competitive review process can help companies generate better search outcomes and result in more productive, longer-term agency relationships.

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Read more about the speakers:


Simon Erskine Locke, CEO of CommunicationsMatch™

Locke developed and launched CommunicationsMatch, an agency search and engagement platform with 5,000 listed firms and professionals in 12 countries, to connect companies with agencies that match their needs.  He previously founded communications agencies and startups.   He previously headed U.S. Businesses Communications at Prudential Financial, was Head of Corporate Communications for Morgan Stanley Japan and Asia Pacific Communications at Deutsche Bank.



Tony Cheevers, VP Business Development at Researchscape

Tony Cheevers is the vice president of business development for Researchscape, a leading provider of communications-focused research solutions. Tony has extensive experience developing custom-research service solutions to meet organizations’ needs for quantitative and qualitative information. Prior to Researchscape, he served in executive sales and marketing positions at Focus Vision, U.S. Postal Service, Schlumberger, KLM Royal Dutch Airways and Virgin.


Neil Foote, President, National Black Public Relations Society

Foote is a veteran journalist and media executive.  He also teaches digital and social media for journalists, media management and business journalism at the University of North Texas’ Frank W. & Sue Mayborn School of Journalism and runs Foote Communications, a media consulting firm. The native of Brooklyn, NY is also founder of


Robert Udowitz, Principal at RFP Associates.

Over the course of his career in public relations and public affairs Robert Udowitz has worked at agencies, corporations, and trade associations.  Robert and his business partner Steve Drake founded RFP Associates in 2010 after observing the agency selection process from “both sides of the aisle” and recognizing the need to both streamline the search process and improve the methodology by which agencies are chosen and communications campaigns are executed.


Jennefer Witter, CEO/Founder of The Boreland Group Inc.

The Boreland Group Inc (TBG) is a 14-year old public relations agency headquartered in New York City. A 30+ year PR veteran, Jennefer was named one of the country’s top ten black CEOs/entrepreneurs by Madame Noire Magazine. TBG was recognized by as one of five black-owned businesses “making a buzz”. Jennefer is the author of “The Little Book of Big PR: 100+ Quick Tips to Get Your Small Business Noticed” (AMACOM).




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