Media Analytics: A Core Communications Function

Over the last 25 years media analytics has come a long way.  

At my first PR agency job, I measured physical press clipping column inches, read articles to determine if they were positive, negative or neutral and used the advertising value equivalent to calculate the return on investment of a client’s PR campaign.    

Todays’ analytics companies can do much more than measure media or social media coverage.  Leaders in the space offer something far more powerful - they provide insights that can be used to inform communications initiatives and a company’s core business strategy.

Companies looking to realize the full potential of analytics must:

  • Implement an integrated approach to paid, earned, shared and owned content analytics
  • Use analytics as a tool to inform PR, content, marketing and sales initiatives
  • Measure the ROI of analytics at a company and not a single department level
  • Align the organization in a way that places analytics at its core

There are significant benefits of this approach:

Informed Business Strategies

Perspective on how business strategies are resonating in the market, on competitors and future opportunities/challenges.

Focused Content Marketing

Insights into the topics and issues resonating with clients.  Feedback that allows content marketing to be refined in ways to increase its impact.

Effective Media Engagement

Focus on the opportunities with the greatest potential, greater alignment with other functions, as well as identification and management of issues. 

Client-Focused Communications

Opportunities for communicators to hear clients’ perspective and inform the company’s communications around it.


Companies like Prime Research offer sophisticated tools and approaches that make the potential of analytics a reality for both corporations and agencies.  


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