Integrated Communications, Millennials & Diversity: A Human Project, The Zeno Group’s Suresh Raj (Video)

As Managing Director of Global Business Development at Zeno Group, the global integrated communications agency responsible for the Human Project, it’s not a surprise that Suresh Raj would provide a very human context around integrated communications, millennials’ relationships with brands and story-telling. 

In this latest Communicators-to-Communicators 3-Minute Insight Video, Raj shares some compelling and thought-provoking perspective for communicators and companies looking for ways to engage with audiences.   

On the topic of integrated communications, he notes that it is not just simply adding social media to traditional media. He argues that audiences are receiving hundreds of paid, earned and owned messages so it is essential for companies to bring the best of all three together to deliver a truly integrated campaign.

In sharing findings from Zeno’s new The Millennial Impact Report, he says this is the “Age of the Master Brand.” He adds that brands must have a higher social purpose for this group, which turns 40 this year. 

For the last question, the conversation turns to the importance of humanity in communications and the role of diversity. Raj focuses on the importance of being more human, empathizing so we do not see differences but see the human being at its core, and then telling stories that relate to human beings. In that context, he highlights the value of diverse minds, experiences, thoughts, and backgrounds to tell human stories.

Raj is interviewed by Simon Erskine Locke, Founder & CEO of CommunicationsMatch.   

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