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Tom Ryan
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Senior Vice President
2 Oliver Street, #901, Boston Massachusetts United States 02109
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Location: 2 Oliver Street, #901, Boston 02109

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Belfort Group is a Boston-based integrated digital marketing and PR agency that brings clarity to disruption. We have extensive experience developing multi-layered campaigns for corporations, colleges and universities, developers, municipalities and nonprofits. Our clients are in industries that are extremely competitive, fraught with uncertainty, and under constant pressure to perform. They call us because we find or create the path forward.

Founded in 1980 as Schneider Associates, the firm carved a niche in commercial real-estate, higher education and corporate communications. The last decade has seen the firm grow into a fully integrated marketing and communications group with methodologies that are transferrable to a variety of verticals and businesses – and in the fall of 2018 after a year of exceptional client growth, the agency’s president, Phil Pennellatore acquired the firm from its founder. Nearly a year later, after a period of unprecedented growth and innovation, Schneider Associates was relaunched as Belfort Group.

The name is derived from two words: Bel and Fort.

While the root word Bel means beauty, but the word also carries connotations of leadership (bellwether) and learning (belletrist). For us, this is a reminder that we must always be examining the marketplace and understanding how our integrated marketing and PR strategies can help our clients create separation and lead the competition. Belfort is also the street where Phil was born in Dorchester, MA near St. William’s Parish.

Fort means strong. Fort has connotations in longevity, sustainability and resiliency (fortitude, fortress). We are often hired to strengthen and sometimes defend our clients’ positions in their industry – and every campaign we implement on their behalf must be planned with an eye toward long-term growth and success.

Above and beyond our name, Belfort Group will remain a true partner, treating client businesses the way we do our own:

We Value Partnership
Our culture reflects five core values: teamwork, respect, passion, trust and creativity. We strive to represent clients who share our values and who place a high importance on having trustworthy and accountable integrated marketing partners.

We Architect Integrated Marketing & Media Strategies
Our integrated media strategists turn whiteboard walls into canvases with winning ideas. We analyze your business challenges, dig into research, distill findings into measurable goals, identify the right audiences and media platforms, create and share content, engage influencers and use analytics to fine-tune campaigns and report quantifiable results.

We Bring Together Talented People
Ideas and strategies thrive in an atmosphere of ‘what if,’ ‘how’ and ‘why not?’ Our team of skilled professionals includes experts in brand positioning, public relations and digital marketing strategy, public affairs and community relations professionals, crisis communications consultants, bloggers and lead generation strategists, experienced journalists, graphic designers, videographers and media trainers. There’s a sense of creativity, purpose, fun and excitement that permeates the atmosphere in our office.


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