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Name: V+O Group
Location: Michalakopoulou 91 1244 11528
Tel: +30 210 72 49 000

About Company

We are communication catalysts; we change, we protect, we support and help businesses, brands and institutions to grow.

We are a team of talented and passionate professionals with concrete knowledge and accumulated experience. An agency of conversation starters, enablers and storytellers of an original and disruptive sort that clients need. A group of restless creative thinkers that constantly seek for trailblazing ideas that create new perspectives, change perceptions and generate growth. 

In fifteen years we have become a leading, independent and integrated communication agency in the EMEA region. With 130 employees, 110 retained clients and addressing a market of 250 million consumers, we constantly aim to be the strategy partner for every company, institution and non – governmental organization on an international level.

We are true, one, ethical, drivers of engagement, of success, of change. 

Our philosophy:

Create, inspire and have an impact.

Grow, develop and constantly move further ahead.

Question, challenge, debate and explore.

Tell engaging stories, start conversations and generate engaging content.

Effectively work across multiple channels, industries, countries and disciplines.

Commit to clients’ needs and engage in their effort to succeed.

Bring change and produce tangible results.


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