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As a Management Consultant at Wisse Kommunikatie, Serge focuses mainly on the medical, healthcare and welfare sectors. In this capacity, he is also in charge of supporting the more than 40 healthcare institutions for which Wisse Kommunikatie handles crisis communications.

“We are seeing some very exciting trends in the medical sector, and I always enjoy the challenge of accurately communicating information about those trends to the public. When it comes to the healthcare sector, there tends to be a need for more urgent action: that is, using strategic crisis communications to restore the reputation of the organization involved. A growing number of healthcare institutions, hospitals and mental health institutions are seeing their reputations compromised. While this is justified in some cases, it often isn’t, which can be the result of oversimplified reports on social media or by journalists who will publish an article without bothering to hear all sides of the story first. Although these types of cases tend to be distressing for all parties concerned, there’s nothing like a crisis to get the juices flowing, and successfully handling such a case is among the best kinds of challenges for any communications professional.”


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