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Pat Walsh
Vox Public Relations Public Affairs
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1416 Willamette St. Eugene Oregon United States 97401
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Name: Vox Public Relations Public Affairs
Location: 1416 Willamette St. 439 97401

About Company

Since 1995, we’ve been giving voice to our clients. From public relations to public affairs to marketing services, Vox specializes in meeting all of our client’s communication needs. We’ve helped small businesses become influencers in their communities and given Fortune 100 companies the push they need to achieve results within their industries. We helped the head of a specialty real estate firm become a regional authority on home foreclosures and provided direction for a major Southern Oregon company during a food recall crisis. Vox has boosted results by 300 percent for a University of Oregon academic department seeking award submissions and raised interest in medical procedures by positioning a group of doctors as authorities in their field. It’s a noisy world out there, but we know how to reach your audience. We can connect with the media, make an impression with politicians, influence stakeholders and sharpen and deliver your message. Our goal is simple: We cut through the chatter so that your voice can be heard!


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