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Nils Hoffman
Hoffman & Hoffman Worldwide
Job Title:
Vice President
1909 Rockingham Street Suite 1000 Mclean Virginia United States 22101
703 533 3535
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Name: Hoffman & Hoffman Worldwide
Location: 1909 Rockingham Street Suite 1000 354 22101
Tel: 703 533 3535

About Company

At Hoffman & Hoffman Worldwide, we recognize that the best-laid communications plans are worthless if they don’t deliver results.

Our sole aim is to get your issue on the world agenda via the global media.

Over the past 30 years, we have developed a pristine reputation as an international communications firm that can generate major global and regional exposure for our clients. That is why democratic countries, UN agencies, non-government organizations, global companies, and academia seek out our counsel.

Global media coverage directly supports fact-based advocacy and thus leads to positive change. In addition, it directly affects global fundraising efforts, including poor nations using their own funds to help themselves, a major step in helping the poor.

For example, working over the past 4 years on maternal, newborn and child health, our worldwide press campaigns have generated more than 11,000 stories (including BBC World Service, CNN International and 2 front page stories in the New York Times) and reached nearly 8 billion people. The media placements have been instrumental in helping to raise $25 billion in new funds from donor nations, poor countries, foundations and others.

Hoffman & Hoffman is able to achieve a high level of success by managing seamlessly the interface between TV, radio, print, the Internet and social media; we create the communications strategies that will get our clients noticed.


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