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Location: 295 Madison Ave., 12th flr. 319 10017
Tel: 646 593 7220

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Indra Public Relations is at the heart of everything sports, lifestyle and entertainment. We offer a full range of services including media & public relations, creative branding, high-profile events, talent management and both print and digital strategies. Our team of communication experts shapes and defines some of the world's leading talent, brands, nonprofits and corporations driving top-tier media coverage around their image. Our clients range from private and public corporations to prominent professionals and properties. Our diverse client roster is based on our knowledge of our clients’ businesses and the impact that they themselves have achieved. We understand that successful public relations demands wide-ranging responsibilities and talents, boundless energy and innovative thinking. It is the professional delivery of these varied elements that launches successful brands and individuals and always makes an impact.

Indra Public Relations has quickly become one of the most visible PR agencies in the competitive NY market and we are proud to serve a clientele that sets trends and influences the course of public consciousness.


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