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Location: 1173A 2nd Ave #397 1087 10065
Tel: 212 355 5049

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HWH PR is an energetic company with vast PR expertise. Lois Whitman and Eliot Hess are co owners. Our clients range from the 30th largest company in the world to small start-up ventures. HWH has the best writers, pitch people, the social media coordinators, event organizers, marketing strategists, spokespeople, networkers, tech support and the best in branding. We have launched products, companies, services and continuously counsel for crisis management projects.. HWH PR puts new companies on the map and keeps all clients in the news.

HWH PR is located in the Flatiron District, the heart of the media world. We are surrounded by many of the digital companies that are creating much of the innovation in technology, apps, consumer electronics and bio pharmaceutical. We are also close to some of the top talent in branding, marketing and advertising. Our resources and networking capabilities are endless.

The same holds true for Miami where we have an active client list. HWH PR South is located in South Beach which draws a big creative community. Between both locations we have been heavily involved in technology, entertainment, publishing, sports, travel, food and fashion.

The most important thing to know about HWH is that we love the creative strategy process which ultimately leads to major recognition and/or record breaking sales.


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