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Kahshanna Evans
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New York New York New York United States 10001
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Location: New York 1087 10001
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Founder of Kissing Lions Public Relations Kahshanna Evans brings the skills she developed working for over a decade in fashion, wellness and both sides of the camera for film & television to her approach to publicity and professionalism.  She has managed creative services and social media for former employers and is currently building her vision to groom artists and entrepreneurs and to create an established media presence by organically implementing visibility campaigns for her clients.  The years preceding the completion her public relations certificate program were spent researching wellness and indigenous culture studies.  Themes that began as storytelling and intuitive communication during her vocational studies easily translated into the social media and public relations world.  What began as developmental support for a small business owner resulted in the Harlem based public relations boutique.   The guiding tenets for the publicity nexus include maintaining a holistic approach to image development and creating an authentic branding process through varied media platforms.

Kissing Lions supports seasonal needs of small businesses, artists and entrepreneurs.  Personable outreach to clients equates to long term relationships and increased trust in the brand.  Kahshanna recognized that offering the extra support during business growth spurts is a niche that large agencies often don’t make time for.  Her approach to the ever changing landscape for clients includes strategy for content creation, visibility and integrating new and healthy media habits.

The heart of our profession is not all business, however.  Supporting humanitarian causes when possible and mentoring nurtures deeper meaning and makes business a pleasure.  We are a friend to Walk of Art/Walk of Art Kids, The Future Project and SASF.


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