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Jonas Rugaard
Job Title:
Founding Partner
Esplanaden 48 Copenhagen Denmark 1263
+45 2031 8828
Company information
Location: Esplanaden 48 1267 1263
Tel: +45 2031 8828

About Company

We are a Strategic Communications Agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Focused on reaching and engaging the audiences of our clients, we have an integrated view on communications. We work across disciplines of PR, Marketing, Branding and Storytelling.

If stories are best told in text, visuals or events. Or if we reach audiences most effective by traditional or social media. We see this merely as means and channels to reach our destination; to create effective communication that support your business.

We are an independent and networked agency. That allows us to rapidly set up the perfect team for each campaign. Whether it’s creating a pan Nordic Agency setup, making events happen, organizing focus groups, market analysis or producing creative content, our strong network of friends, agencies and creatives can make it happen.


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