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From scratchings on a cave wall to smoke signals, beacon fires, telephone calls or wireless text messages, people have had the need to communicate. In the age of information overload, the need for targeted communications is stronger than ever.

That’s where the team at public relations firm J. Addams & Partners excels. With us, there’s no blather, no spin, no bureaucracy. Just proven results.

Founded in 1987, we are a small, full-service public relations firm with a no-nonsense approach to business that combines the resources available to the world's largest firms with the hands-on, high touch attention of a boutique agency.  And we should know: we all bring experience from the biggest firms in the business.

Pure and simple, we know communications.  From taking new products to market to taking public companies through Chapter 11 to guiding clients through crises, our team has decades of experience with a diverse portfolio of clients from startups to nonprofits to private companies to some of the world's largest corporations.

How do we deliver high-quality work while still keeping the edge of a small firm? In addition to our own staff members, the firm utilizes the services of outside researchers, designers, photographers, audio-visual specialists and other professionals. We have years of experience working with our partners and we select only the very bestprofessionals who share our dedication to quality and attention to detail.

We call on them selectively, as their talents are required, for the specific needs of clients. The advantage to clients is that J. Addams & Partners has a choice of which professionals to call upon for any given effort, rather than being limited to the skills of the people on our own staff.


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