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Name: ROSE
Location: 7 Derbenevskaya Embankment Building 10 1226 115114
Tel: +7 495 783 7303

About Company

Since 1984, Rose has developed creative marketing strategies for international companies – helping them to tell their stories and build their brands. From the start, it has been an agency that challenges conventions and isn’t afraid to be the first.

Founded in Boston, USA, Rose grew to become the first independent advertising and public relations agency to enter the former Soviet Union in 1989. It has distinguished itself as one of the catalysts of marketing communications in Russia to become one of the top Russian agencies.

It was the first to champion public relations as a discipline distinct from paid placement of articles. It launched some of the first television commercials (Sony), radio spots (Fanta) and outdoor advertising campaigns (Coca-Cola and Baskin-Robbins). It launched the first sweepstakes and instant-win “scratch” promotions. It was one of the first Russian agencies to provide financial communications. And it was among the first to offer social media marketing and digital marketing services. 

Of course, it’s not enough to be first. Most important, Rose  is run by great people with knowledge, talent, experience and passion.


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