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Donald Phillip
Vox Medica, Inc.
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601 Walnut St., #250-S Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States 19106
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Name: Vox Medica, Inc.
Location: 601 Walnut St., #250-S 433 19106

About Company

How do you build a brand to succeed in a complex and ever-changing marketplace? In order to make it resonate, you must first align the seemingly disparate needs of key stakeholders with the value of your brand. At Vox Medica, Inc., we are a group of diverse specialists who bring to bear a unique set of insights on and understanding of these stakeholders. Our combined breadth and depth of experiences spans the broad spectrum of health care communications and its constituents. Through the right mixture of science, marketing, and collaboration, we are able to effectively identify opportunities, minimize barriers, and formulate solutions. The result—brands that not only thrive but endure. a dynamic marketplace has helped us endure for 60 years. Imagine what we could do for your brand.


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