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Location: 444 Bedford Road, Suite 201 559 10570
Tel: 914 747 2500

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Why DDR Public Relations?

It’s true that there are many firms that do what we do.  What sets us apart from the rest is our passion for figuring out who you are and what makes you different and better. We are committed to digging deep and shaping what we learn into a public relations campaign that promotes your organization’s “personality.”  We focus on establishing the unique essence of companies, products and services. It is only then, when your identity is clearly stated and your messages are totally understood, that you will break through the clutter and begin to see the results that can change your business.

Our Team Is Your Team
We can guarantee that you will never work with a junior staff member!  You will find that most public relations firms have account teams headed by a senior staff member. However, the day-to-day work for each client is done by those with just a few years in the business, or even entry-level. That will never be the case at DDRPR.  You will work with only senior-level professionals that are accessible and eager to share their experience, insights and strategies.  Dawn Dankner-Rosen, president, works hand-in-hand with every client and strives to become an integral member of your team.

Our 20-year record of success is built on a deep commitment to our clients with exceptional, personalized service, creativity, collaboration, connections and proven solutions.  We’ll be completely devoted to your business and will immerse ourselves in your mission. We don’t count the number of hours we work on your business and never stop working until we’ve reached our mutual goals.


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