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Daniel Palay
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Managing Membe
Chicago Illinois United States 60657
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DGP Consulting offers business development consulting services to marketing agencies and early-stage, b2b technology companies.

My work with agencies focuses on fighting the perception of commoditization, effectively communicating their value propositions to clients by telling the right story to connect their competencies with their clients' specific business problems. Entrepreneurs come to me to develop compelling business cases around new and innovative products that enterprise customers might otherwise have difficulty fully appreciating.

Anyone can compile a presentation with a laundrylist of capabilities loosely related to an established need; I help marketers and start-ups alike demonstrate an understanding of a propsective client's underlying problems, and how their services can provide actionable solutions. As I always say: Nobody hires a new professional service firm, or employs new enterprise software, because everything is going well. My objective is to pitch to those problems and needs by drawing nontraditional connections between them and the products and services my clients have to offer. 

From refining new business pitches, to proactively pitching current and propsective clients, to general business development planning, it would be my pleasure to discuss your current challenges and how I can help you through them.


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