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Cindy Riccio
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President & Founder
1133 Broadway, Suite 1021 New York New York United States 10010
646 205 3573
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Location: 1133 Broadway, Suite 1021 1087 10010
Tel: 646 205 3573

About Company

Why CRC Inc?

Because we help companies grow their business and brand awareness. How?

Our ‘C3 formula’ (Create, Connect, Communicate) is the premise for everything we do to ensure our partners are heard clearly and consistently. We are seasoned PR specialists with backgrounds in TV, magazines, .coms, fortune 500 companies and global agencies. We are a strategic communications partner that knows ROI is a product of true collaboration and integration, while delivering bold creative solutions and pragmatic implementation.

Simply put, it’s the ‘C3 formula’ that is a winning combination for our partners. So give us a shout to learn how our formula can work for you! Contact:

We CREATE spot on strategies that deliver results to help our partners reach their goals, bringing the combination of the high quality and expertise of a big firm with a seasoned team of media mavens and mavericks.

We CONNECT consumers to our partners’ brands in ways that don’t just increase likes or followers, but truly engage audiences wherever they are getting their news and information.

We COMMUNICATE with editorial decision-makers in fashion, lifestyle, consumer, media and corporate sectors and have deep, trustedrelationships across all media channels. Relationships are the pillar to our success and we are collaborative to the core.


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